Monday, July 2, 2012

More John K Auditions!!

George is in his house with a newly acquired tree stump.
George walks by Slab n' Ernie's closed bedroom door.
GEORGE: You kids doin' your homework?"
SLAB N' ERNIE : Yessir Unca George
George walks past the room.
And plops the Stump on the floor
And grinds his butt into a comfortable position.
Here's a second attempt for the John K workshop that'll be happening at the First ever TAAFI!! That's right! Toronto Animation Art Festival International! In short. Taafi and great stuff! John K will be providing a handful of workshops but the one that's the real goldie is the story one! He'll be there boarding with you! Isn't that insane! Please tell me all o' y'all got your tickets already! This is a sweet opportunity!!! Steph


  1. hi Steph

    add some descriptions on each panel to help me tell what's going on

    especially when he is talking - add the dialogue


    1. Hey John!

      I put in the text BELOW the picture it's paired with. Is there anything else you'd like me to fix?

      Thanks so much for coming to Taafi and doing your workshops! This'll be cool!

  2. Hi steph

    Sorry I didn't have time to go over your board

    Too many people in the workshop!

    It was fun talking to you and your sis

    Maybe next year!

    1. Hi John!

      That's alright. You went over my groups' in the workshop. There was about 6 of us working together. Sasha does well at presenting so we thought she should. See you around!

  3. Was raffa in the group too?

    I was faint from hunger

    1. I guess they didn't have enough bacon. Yeah Rafa was there. It was the four of us (Sasha Rafa Sam me) plus the red headed girl up front, Dani, and the black guy at the table, Kevin who has the best gummy smile ever! MEGA-group!

      I hope you've eaten something since.

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