Monday, April 21, 2014

Tegan and Sara-Forest Fone

 T:F*ck off
 S:Shut the f*ck up

 I was lent a copy of The Con recently and it came with a Making Of DVD. I'm a junkie of Making Of.. DVDs. I watched it and I found it really inspiring. It showed how long each song takes with repeated takes, different ideas, individual instruments being played and spending 7 hours to match up drums. I later followed up by watching some of their recent interviews. It took them well over 10 years to win Junos. It's really cool to know that it takes time and a lot of hard work to still get success. I get a little anxious when I'm not super successful right now. It feels like I'm not working hard enough. It was really relieving to hear how much time it's taken them to get where they are. So I'm gonna keep working and start my own 10+ years of working hard and see where that get's me. Also see their shows. They are little rascals that bicker with each other and it's really funny. Search live performances with the word "banter". Steph

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